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Web Traffic: Strategies for Profit Maximization

The internet has fundamentally changed the rules of business. The communications capability and the low cost outlay have all brought about the possibility to create new market opportunity. The rule of the making money on the internet lies in ones ability to reach potential customer with a profitable business offer even if only a small percentage of the targeted customers makes purchase. While the importance of product research analysis and target audience analysis cannot be taken for granted; the need to get customers to visit the website and make a purchase becomes imperative. Hence the strategies to increasing web traffic are discussed as follows:

Know your Market
Affiliate marketing is a very competitive program on the internet. For this reason, you must search out details of the product you intend to market, and your competition. This would mean knowing:
The keyword that are getting the most traffic for the product or service you intend to affiliate
The price bid for those key words
This knowledge is essential because with the right key and the right budget- you can generate traffic to your web.

Start a campaign
Based on your keyword search- you can create a compelling advertisement using Google Ad word and yahoo search marketing. You can also advertise in, AOL, MSN, Adbrite. These vendors are the top advert servers in 2008 which enjoyed million of viewers.

Build link popularity
This is achieved by sending email to similar website like yours and requesting them to link to your website. You can check

Write to free article sites or ezine
This way you can get a lot of back link to your website. There are many sites which will accept your written material; the catch is that you are giving it away for free. The benefit, however, is that you get to include a link to your site in the article, meaning every time someone clicks on your link, it brings free traffic to your site.

Submit to search engines
The best way to increase traffic is to register your website with the major search engines. Then, when a search engine user looks for a particular word or phrase, the search engine looks into the database and produces the results, usually sorted by relevance according to the search engine algorithms
Google_ AOL search, Click4Carbon, CompuServe Search, MySpace Search, Netscape and ripple
Yahoo_ AltaVitsa, AlltheWeb, GoodSearch, Rectifi
Live Search_, Tafiti, Ms.Dewey
Ask.com_ Hakia, iwon and Lycos

Join Social Networking sites
Register with social networking sites such has face book which has about 140 million registered users; MySpace has about 253 million registered users; Window Live Spaces about 120 million, twitter etc. You will get easy traffic to your sites using these sites.

Making money has never been so easy with the coming in of the internet. However, proper planning and adequate information on the best ways to share part of the money on the web is valuable. While the techniques are inexhaustible, using the above method will help ensure success in whatever business endeavor on the internet.

By Gloria Instead

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