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Pay- Per-Lead Programs tops online money making program

Pay-per-lead program are online money making program that earns you commissions when visitors sign up in your website without necessarily making any purchase. In today’s e-commerce, the current vogue is to offer free service or product in exchange for widely distribution users of such services. Generally, these payment ranges from $0.05 to $20 for each action taken by any referred visitor.

How does pay-per-lead program works

Pay-per-Lead program are designed to promote free service or product. For example, affiliate free website subscription provides user with free website which can be used to start any business online. Other programs provide free software downloads and the rest like. The idea behind the program is to get widely distributed subscribers all over the internet; hence the merchants are willing to pay you for each user you attract.

The Unique Selling Proposition of Pay-Per-Lead Program
The concept behind this program is that visitor can sign up for free without necessarily making any purchase. By implication, you can expect significantly higher conversion ratios (i.e. the number of visitors you refer that go on to earn you a commission). Although pay-per-lead programs generally pay lower commissions than pay-per-sale programs, the higher conversion ratios will often translate into higher overall profits for you.

For example: Program A is a pay per lead program that pays $1 for each new user you refer to their free website subscription. Program B is pay-per-sale and pays about a $5 commission for a similar for each new user you refer to their free website subscription. An affiliate decides to promote both to see which results in higher overall commissions. After two months of testing, the affiliate referred 271 new users to Program A, earning him $271. He also referred 24 new users to Program B, earning him $120. The affiliate decided to stay with program A for obvious reasons.
While this example is not indicating pay-per-lead versus pay-per-sale comparison; the point is that you can often earn more even if the program pays lower overall commissions. It also illustrates how pay-per-lead programs generally have much higher conversion ratios than pay-per-sale.
Another unique selling strategy behind pay-per-lead program comes from the fact that: visitors and subscribers alike get valuable services for free. This is the brain behind the high conversion rate pay-per-lead program have over many programs on the internet. And why not, assuming getting a website for free that would go a long way in reducing business expense. So signing up for such pay-per-lead program, truly add value to business and increase ROI.

In contrast, the recent downturn in online advertising, mainly due to the large number of non-paying, default ads displayed; most Pay-Per-Impression programs have reported very low earning. Generally, you earn commission from the click-through received from the banners you host on behalf of merchants on your site.

Pay-Per-Click programs allow you to earn revenue from your web site by displaying banner ads for various online merchants and web sites. Maximizing revenue from this program will be dependent on two things: increasing the amount of traffic to your site, and improving click-through ratios by finding ads that fit your visitor's interests.

Notwithstanding, Pay-per-lead also lends itself to a wide variety of marketing strategies. Since visitors or subscribers are offered something they can receive for free, adverts can easily be positioned for pay-per-lead offers as a valuable service to them. When done properly, you are adding value to your web site at the same time you are adding a revenue stream.

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